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Rainwater Harvesting

The in-tank filter does not obstruct access into the tank and captures almost 100% of the incoming rainwater. The polyethylene holding tank is manufactured specific to purpose, is of robust construction and ready fitted out with calmed inlet, filter and siphon overflow. Tank has push fit connections and telescopic entry access for adjustment to finished levels.

Rainwater falling on the roof flows along gutters through down pipes into the tank, via the integrated filter, removing unwanted particles from the rainwater. The filtered fast flowing oxygen rich water is directed down through the calmed inlet to the bottom of the tank where it is deflected upwards oxygenating existing tank water, ensuring a natural biological process takes place

On demand the in-tank submersible pump delivers the clean rainwater to toilets, washing machine and outside tap. The system also has an automatic mains water tank top up facility, ensuring a constant water supply even when the tank rainwater levels are low.

Reasons For Rainwater Harvesting:

• Rainwater harvesting (including rainwater recycling and some versions of grey-water recycling) displaces a large proportion of the water that would otherwise be provided by the mains supply – thus reducing overall water supply costs.
• It can provide an off-mains supply for remote areas.
• It enhances a property and can completely satisfy the water requirements of the various levels of the code for sustainable homes.
• It can form part of an attenuation and rainwater management scheme, by reducing storm-water runoff and controlling the flow-rate off site.
• Increasingly planning departments are looking more favourable towards the concept of rainwater harvesting.


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